Albert and Alice the blind pups dumped at the shelter at just five weeks – Reserved

Sweet little pups Albert and Alice were found dumped and abandoned outside the gates of the shelter. They were just five weeks old, shaking and blind.

Vets believe they were born blind and it is a fair assumption that this is the reason why they were dumped there.

They were spotted as soon as they went into the shelter by animal volunteers who approached us for help as it was clear that without this help they would have had no hope of survival.

Albert is always keen to seek out his foster Mum for his cuddles

The pups were quickly moved out of there and into a home to be looked after in foster care.

That was now more than four months ago and the pair have absolutely thrived with good care and lots of TLC.

The pair aren’t aware that they are different in any way to other dogs and they enjoy life to the full.

Alice is a smart girl who enjoys life to the full despite her blindness

They are now coming up to six months old and so we have started the process of getting them ready to travel to the UK to go to the loving forever home that we know is out there waiting for them.

They are of mixed breed but we suspect they have some Dobermann in them. Not that you would know from their size.

They both currently weigh around 10kg and are around 40cms in height, and while they are not yet fully grown we suspect they will end up being small to medium in size.

Albert gets around the house and garden easily and loves to play with the other dogs

Albert is totally blind but we believe that from the way Alice sometimes reacts to things around her that she can now possibly see shadows.

They do not see their blindness as a handicap and in a way they act as each other’s eyes. They are inseparable and we feel it imperative that we find them a home together.

Alice is very loving and eats well without being greedy, and she takes biscuits in such a gentle way from her foster Mummy’s hand.

Alice and Albert have both thrived in foster care

They play freely in the garden and they love their time outside. They both have bells on their collars so they can each track where the other one is.

Like most blind dogs they have quickly come to understand the lay of the property and scamper about it easily.

They are both huge characters and Albert is especially funny with his antics with the way he sticks his nose in the air to catch the scent of his foster Mummy and run to her.

Albert and Alice are inspeparable and are rarely apart

Followers of the Animal Friends of Turkey Facebook page will know that we have been successful in rehoming blind dogs before. They will also know how well they adapt and integrate into family life.

Taking on a blind dog comes with very real challenges but the rewards are immense and for those prepared to take on the challenge, these will far outweigh the problems.

Ideally we would like to place them with someone who has had previous experience of caring for a blind dog. At the very least we will need someone who has fully thought through and researched what would be entailed.

Albert is a happy boy and is now being made ready for his journey to the UK

As ever, we will need someone who is fully committed for the long haul of leading and sharing the wonderful journey that lies ahead for this special pair.

They are independent dogs and they mix well with the other dogs in foster care. They love playing with them and especially get on well with the younger dogs in care.

They are both fully house trained and they both know exactly where everything is around the house. They are healthy with wonderful, shiny coats.

Alice and Albert are very cat friendly and very sociable with other dogs

They are now starting on their lead training so they will soon be able to enjoy walks around the area. This is requiring a little bit of patience but the early signs are that they will cope well with this.

They are both very cat friendly and they will even eat from the same bowl as the cat, although this is not encouraged.

The pair are rarely apart and they even sleep snuggled up together.

They are gorgeous and great to be with and they are providing their foster Mum with so many wonderful moments and memories, as the pair are just so full of the joys of life.

Both Albert here and Alice have so much love to give

We know the right person and the right home is out there for these two and we are determined to help them find the forever home that is just right for them.

So if you feel you could be that special person for Albert and Alice then please check out what’s involved in taking on one of our rescue dogs by clicking this link and reading our Dog Adoption Policy guidelines.

A home check is always made and while there is no adoption fee required, we do ask for a donation with all our dogs to help towards our costs.

If you want to register your interest in Albert and Alice or are interested in providing a loving home for one of our rescue dogs in general then please complete and submit our Dog Adoption Registration form.