Please help more animals know the joy I found

Hello my name is Humphrey, I’m a rescue boxer dog and a few years ago I was in a bad bad place.

Thankfully now I have the best life ever, sometimes something happens that will remind me of my early life…. but these times are getting less and less…. i’m now so proud of myself and what i’ve become and how happy i am…..

I am making an appeal asking the lovely supporters on this group to help the animals that are just waiting for AFOT to help them, some are in a real bad place and I know how that feels……. scared, hungry, frightened, hurting……..hurting……..

Our current expenses alone for foster care and kennels are in the region of £800 per month, which is a loooooooot of money before we even start to pay for travel vet costs and the travel itself.

Anyone who loves animals and would like to help can, just choose an amount and donate it by regular standing order or monthly pay pal, or if you want to help with a one off donation that would be be great too.

I so want so many more animals to be helped and have alovely life just like the one that i’m now able to enjoy and ALL BECAUSE PEOPLE CARED ENOUGH TO RESCUE ME……

Please help AFOT to help them…..