Recently rescued and soon to be available

Here are some of the dogs our team in Turkey has managed to rescue in recent weeks.

Some will have been alerted to us through animal welfare volunteers who keep an eye open for dogs in desperate need of help.

These are often dogs that would not survive without intervention and help.

The dogs shown here are at various early stages of assessment and some are waiting for a permanent foster place to come free within the AFOT network.

Some are still only very young and work on preparing them for travel cannot start until they are a little bit bigger.

Our team is now in the process of assessing each of these dogs and once this has been done then their full story and updated photographs will appear on this site.

We will give as much of their history as we can and we will try to give an indication in those stories as to what home might suit them.

This may include whether they are good with other dogs, OK with cats, whether they need to be homed as a pair or in a home where they are the only dog.

Please keep an eye open for when their full story appears and they are ready to be matched with a new forever home.


Tilly gets a bit of snuggle time
Tilly is safe now

Meet the pups …

These six pups have just been rescued together and will be homed separately


Pup Leo is one of the six


One of the six Frankie


Tyson is another of the rescued six


Little Cooper is one of the six that will be rehomed

… and Flo

Finally Flo makes the last of the six that will soon need homes