Rescued from a busy road after being dumped and abandoned

Lilly is darling young pup who was abandoned at only 4-5 months of age on a busy road in the Fethiye region.

This little girl suddenly appeared one day on the main road through Patlangic confused, bewildered and pining for her owner.

Lilly is a gorgeous young rescue pup in need of a loving home

Fortunately for Lilly a Turkish couple living in a nearby apartment spotted her and took pity on her.

Lilly stayed very close to the spot where she was dumped sitting quietly and waiting for her owners to return.

Lilly stayed exactly where she was dumped and waited for her owners to return

At night she could be heard by those living nearby pining and howling for them to come back for her.

The Turkish couple kept a close eye on her and they fed her and gave her water.

Lilly loves receiving affection

However, not everyone living nearby was as sympathetic and it was clear she would not be safe just left where she was.

The couple then approached Animal Friends of Turkey and we stepped in to rescue her off the streets.

She has since been found a temporary respite in a foster home in the area while we go through the process of getting her ready to travel to the UK.

Lilly when she was rescued from the street

Lilly is a small dog weighing only around 8kg. She is very gentle and she responds well to the affection she is now receiving.

She is now around 6 months old and she is likely to be approximately 9-10 months old when she is ready to travel in August or September this year.

Lilly has also been successfully tested around children.

The only missing thing for her now is to find someone with a big enough heart to take her into their home in the UK.

Lilly will be ready to travel to the UK around August/September of this year

If you feel you could be that special someone for Lilly then please check out what’s involved in taking on one of our rescue dogs by clicking this link and reading our Dog Adoption Policy guidelines

A home check is always made and while there is no adoption fee required, we do ask for a donation with all our dogs to help towards our costs.

If you want to register your interest in Lilly or are interested in providing a loving home for one of our rescue dogs in general then please complete and submit our Dog Adoption Registration form.