Sad Darcy waiting for a happy end

This is Darcy, a Black Russian terrier cross who was found abandoned by the Koycegiz shelter in a shocking and heart breaking condition.

Darcy was found totally emaciated with terrible mange as some of the rather graphic harrowing images in the slideshow below.

The team at the Koycegiz shelter did a wonderful job of nursing and building him up and crucially they were able to find a loving temporary home for him where he is currently been looked after by animal lover Claire.

Claire has continued to build him up and he is now a stunner.

She has done a wonderful job but she knows Darcy needs a permanent home to meet his needs.

Although Darcy is a cross, he has many of the breed traits which are typical of the breed, thriving on human interaction being one of them, he is currently living with multiple dogs and needs more one on one attention in his forever home.

Darcy needs an owner that can give him time and plenty of attention, he has been terribly let down in the past and needs lots of love and reassurance, but will also require firm consistent confident handling, someone who understands the breed would be best suited.  A home with another dog/s would be ideal.

Darcy is 2-3 years old, neutered and chipped,   He is too boisterous to live with young children (under 16s) but does get on well with other dogs even though he can be dominant.

In the hands of a patient, loving and confident owner Darcy will reach his full potential and become a fun, affectionate treasure for any family.

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A home check and adoption donation will apply.

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