It is most unusual for Animal Friends of Turkey to single out specific dogs for an URGENT appeal for help as we are always seeking the help and support of our generous warmhearted supporters.

However, we do so now as the need for us to intervene was so severe and so urgent.

Animal welfare volunteers came across these three poor dogs in an area of Cappadocia in such appalling conditions that it shook them to their core.

They knew they had to get help and fast, Animal Friends of Turkey were approached to see if we could help.

Appeal Kangal
Maya the Kangol cross is still being treated for distemper

We heard their story and it broke our hearts – we had to help or the dogs wouldn’t survive.

Maya the Kangol cross is still being treated for distemper

Two of them Nise and Meg were transported to Fethiye via the long route of Istanbul but unfortunately the 5 month old cross kangol pup Maya took critically ill and immediate veterinary care had to be sought in Istanbul.

Terrier 3

Nishe is getting stronger and stronger and loves nothing better than a cuddle

The other two Nise and Meg continued on their journey to Fethiey where they have been placed with temporary foster carers – Sue and Mike Cato – who are doing a wonderful job in helping them back to health.

The third dog Maya is still too poorly to travel and is still undergoing intensive veterinary care.

This was not just a rescue for these three, this was a mission of mercy.

These three dogs have quite clearly being leading a life of pure hell in Cappadocia, we have since found out that they were even refused water by the locals.

After landing in Fethiye immediate veterinary treatment was sought for Nise and Meg also (the Fethiye vets actually named Nise (meaning always smiling) as this is what she does.

Appeal meg
Meg is such a loving girl despite the cruelty she has suffered

The gorgeous gentle leggy beautiful black Pointer cross we have now named Meg, she has had many litters despite her young years, her body shows the signs of this.

Nishe has a deformed leg due to it being broken at least three times and has received no veterinary car, the pain she must have endured is unbelievable.

Her bones are so brittle and she has an eye disfiguration which the vets believe this to be a combination of the effects of malnutrition and possibly due to her being in a darkened room for much of her early life.

There is evidence to suggest her leg may even have been manacled.

The stunning thing to see is that despite the extreme cruelty these three dogs have experienced they are so loving and show it all the time, its almost as if they are saying ‘please keep us, don’t let us go’

These are sweet and gentle dogs who want nothing more than to belong and to be loved.  In return they offer love of their own multiplied a million times over.

Without help they most certainly would not have survived.

The appeal also includes young puppy Hope 12 weeks old who was found on Calis beach, a lady contacted AFOT to ask for help in rescuing her as she was looking to help get her to the UK, we managed to get a foster carer but a week later Hope became unwell and was diagnosed with parvo.

Appeal Hope
The appeal also includes young puppy Hope was found on Calis beach suffering from Parvo

The veterinary care the three Cappadocia dogs have received so far has already been costly.

The bills including their transport to get them to safety in Fethiye together with the vet fees along with Hope’s vet fees have been in the region of £900. Maya and is still receiving veterinary care and we are hopeful of her recovery.

It is for this reason that AFOT is making this URGENT APPEAL to all our supporters.

We know so many of you help us so much already but PLEASE PLEASE help us cover these costs.

Four dogs lives have been saved and when you think of that the price is nothing.  we would love to help them further to give them a future of happiness, warmth, security and love.

If you can help donate even a few pounds to help us with these massive costs then we will be so grateful.  You can do so by going directly to our Paypal account by clicking here

Thank you

** To see Meg and Nishe on our Rescue Dogs for rehoming page then please click here