A sad puppy bursting with love and life

Frankie’s story is not easy to read as it’s a story that reminds us of the innocence of animals and the pure evil of some people.

Frankie was found dumped outside the gates of a local shelter.  He couldn’t walk and when he was examined by vets it was discovered that he had been raped.

Both of his back legs had been broken & dislocated. Frankie was just 4 months old.

The vet said there was little that could be done for him as the breaks had started to heal, which is why poor Frankie was unable to walk properly.

The volunteers that found him took him home with them and had some wheels made to try to help him get around but Frankie hated them.

They discarded the wheels and eventually the brave little chap started to get around on his deformed back legs

Throughout the whole of this time he remained such a happy little pup who never gave up trying to walk.  He just wanted to be like the other dogs.

The miracle is that once he started to use his legs nothing could stop him. Now he scampers around and plays happily with the other dogs. His legs do not cause him a problem at all.

Unfortunately the horrendous sexual assault on his tiny body causes him to leak tiny amounts of poop on to his ur, although he goes to the toilet like any normal dog,

Frankie knows this is happening and tries his hardest to clean himself up. The volunteers tried nappies on him but Frankie loved to sleep outside and still does at the kennels he has been at for a long time.
Frankie is a special needs dog with the biggest heart you could ever meet.

We at Animal Friends of Turkey felt so strongly that he deserved his chance of happiness within a loving forever home in the UK.

And so we set about the task of finding one for him.

Happily we have done just that and lucky Frankie will be travelling to the UK to live with owners who have made something of a habit of taking care of special needs dogs.

They have found, as is so often the case, that the rewards you get from giving a safe, secure and loving home to such animals is immense.

We know Frankie will repay this kindness a million times over with the love he will give in return.

He deserves to be with people who can offer him the love, patience and devotion he needs. We know he would repay such love a thousand times over.

He is such an innocent and trusting puppy and he did not deserve to live out his days in a shelter.

We hope with all our hearts that there is a special someone out there who would be prepared  to offer Frankie his own home and shower him with all the love he deserves.

Another happy ending for an Animal Friends of Turkey special treasure.