Brother and sister looking for a lap that needs keeping warm

Like peaches and cream, bread and jam, Freddie and Gracie are just meant to go together.

This pair are still not yet one year old and they are yearning for a new forever home.

Gracie with Freddie in the background

They arrived in Fethiye with a Turkish family that rented a holiday apartment for the summer.

The kittens were just six weeks old when they arrived and they lived happily on the apartment balcony.

They were fed well and played happily with the children throughout the summer.

Then ten weeks later with the kittens still only 16 weeks old the family up and left leaving the kitties behind without a single backward glance.

They sat and waited on the balcony and slowly became more and more hungry and visibly distressed.

Their pitiful cries alerted neighbours who in turn alerted Animal Friends of Turkey.

And so now we are searching for someone who is prepared to take these two in as a pair given that they are so clearly bonded. We believe they are probably siblings.

They are now being very well cared for in foster care and they have become very used to life indoors.

They love being house cats where they are at the moment but will be looking forward to roaming outside once they’ve settled in their new home.

Gracie is a beautiful tabby

They are playful although at present they are very shy when meeting strangers for the first time.

However, once they get used to you there is nothing holding them back and they are extremely affectionate and loving cats.

Freddie is a playful young boy

If you are at all interested in adopting these two and giving them the chance of happiness then please first check out our Adoption Policies by clicking here

We always request an Adoption donation and a home check applies to all animals as part of rehoming.

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