A full 100% of our energies go into one sole aim – into finding loving and caring homes for our abandoned animals for today and for the rest of their lives.

We are looking for homes that are secure where owners are committed to meeting their cats needs, providing the attention they may need as well as the best food available for your budget.

We also seek owners who ensure that their cat is taken to the vet whenever they need it.

But most important of all we seek forever homes and owners who are prepared give them the respect, appreciation, and love they deserve.

Animal Friends of Turkey and their supporters go to extraordinary lengths and considerable expense to bring a single animal back to the UK.


In return we expect a lot from those families with big enough hearts to come forward and offer our animals a chance of happiness.

It is not obligatory but we do ask for a minimum adoption donation of £200 for your cat to help with our costs (for a pair of cats the minimum donation requested will be £300)

All our cats are neutered, chipped, wormed and will have had all their vaccinations before they leave Turkey.

The vet fees, the export paperwork and the transportation costs to bring these cats by road across to the UK costs Animal Friends an average of £1,000 per animal.

This does not include any food provided during the foster process.

The £200 is a minimum donation to show us that you are serious about adopting as cat from Turkey.  If you prepared to make such a donation, we request that 50% is paid two weeks after your homecheck has been approved.  The remainder will be needed a month before travel.

If you are keen on taking one of our beautiful cats then you need to browse through our available ones on this site.

If one of them strikes you as the pet of your dreams then you will be able to apply to adopt using our online application form. You can find this here 

Home check

Once we have approved your on-line application we will arrange for one of our volunteers to contact you with a view to arranging a mutually convenient time for the home check visit. All members of the family should be present during this visit.

These cats have all experienced hard times and felt the hardship of rejection too many times.  They deserve a settled, happy future and we hope you will help us give them this.

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 22.03.27
Two of our earliest successes including one blind cat soon settle into their new home in the UK