A full 100% of our energies go into one sole aim – into finding loving and caring homes for our abandoned and abused dogs for today and for the rest of their lives.  The protection AFOT will give is lifelong.

We are looking for homes that are secure,  where owners are committed to meeting their dogs needs to giving their dog the right amount of regular exercise, training if required, providing a good diet and meeting any special dietary or medical requirements the dog may have.

We also seek owners who ensure that their animal is taken to the vet whenever they need it and would recommend pet insurance being taken out in the days leading up to your pet arriving.

But most important of all we seek forever homes and owners who are prepared give them the respect, appreciation, and all the love they deserve.

Animal Friends of Turkey and their supporters go to extraordinary lengths and considerable expense to bring a single dog back to the UK.

Voluntary adoption donations

In return we expect something from those families who wish to adopt one of our dogs and offer it a chance of happiness, we place great value on these pets.

There is no set fee for adoption but we do request a voluntary donation of a minimum of £380 to help towards costs. 

The success of an application is not dependent on whether a donation is offered. However, it can have a positive influence in the consideration of an application.

As we are a charity that often lives hand to mouth on the generosity of supporter donations, the offer of a donation can make the difference in making the transportation of their preferred dog possible.

All our dogs are neutered, chipped, wormed and will have had all their vaccinations before they leave Turkey.

The vet fees, the export paperwork and the transportation costs to bring these dogs by road across to the UK costs Animal Friends a minimum of £1,000 per animal.  This does not include any foster fees/food or kennels fees which are in the region of another £500 for the four months the process takes.  The £300 adoption donation is a contribution donation towards this cost.

If you are keen on adopting one of our wonderful animals then please browse through our available dogs on this site.

If one of them strikes you as the pet of your dreams then you can apply to adopt using our online application form.

Where adopters agree to pay the £300 voluntary donation this is payable in two instalments as follows:

  • £150.00 payable a week after your home check has been approved
  • £150.00 payable a month before your pets due arrival date

Application and Home check

Once your online application has been approved, we will then process you to the next stage which will involve a phone call from one of our Team and arrangements made for a home check visit with one of our Country wide home check volunteers who will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time. It is imperative that all members of the family are present at this visit.

Please note we do not normally re -home to people who have to leave their animals alone for more than 4-5 hours unless arrangements are in place for a dog walker or other family members who do not live in the family home.

While each application is judged entirely on its own merits, as a general rule we do not approve adoptions for families with resident children under the age of four years.

As a responsible rescue we take neutering of all pets very seriously, we will not re-home to breeders. We will not re-home to a household with un-neutered pets unless they are un-neutered for medical reasons (proof must be given at application process)

We are eager to maximise the chance of finding the ideal match.  It also helps to ensure we place our precious animals in a home that can deliver all those things set out above.

These animals have all experienced hard times and rejection too many times, some have been horrifically abused but most carry baggage and they deserve a settled, happy future and our policies help ensure this.

If you are happy with our policies and would like to apply to adopt one of our dogs then please complete the application form by clicking here

Please note Animal friends of Turkey (AFOT) reserves the right to refuse any application

Tootsie arrives in the UK and is met by her new family ready for happiness in her new forever home