It is with a heavy heart that we are forced to call a temporary halt on accepting new applications for adoptions.

This has come in direct response to the introduction of new regulations governing the export of dogs from Turkey. The new rules are complex and they have placed quite onerous new hurdles in front of charities such as ours to surmount. We are still working our way through the rules to identify a new way of working in order to get our dogs into happy homes in the UK. We have decided to stop processing new applications while we do this.

In the meantime we are working hard to find ways of getting the dogs already pledged to new adopters across Europe to start their new lives in the UK. We will also continue to process those applications we have already accepted.

We thank you for your patience and we hope to be able to open up for new applications soon.

If while you are waiting, you would like to contact us over any matter then you can do so by following this link to our contacts page

Dog Adoption Application Form: