Building a safe haven for the abused and abandoned

Animal Friends of Turkey has taken the bold and brave first step towards the creation of a new AFOT sanctuary for dogs in need

When it is all up and running we hope that this will help us to almost double the number of dogs we are able to rescue and take into our programme at any one time.

This courageous step was taken at the beginning of 2020 only for our plans to be hit by a combination of the Covid pandemic and the temporary travel ban imposed as a result of the activities of ignorant activists opposed to Turkish dogs being adopted abroad.

Despite these setbacks we have managed to progress our plans thanks in the main to the wonderful and unswerving support we get from our fantastic supporters.

We now have AFOT volunteers living on site and we have our first rescue dogs already housed there and now safe from harm.

The land comes with its own orchard for the dogs to play in

The sanctuary has been established on a one-acre plot of land close to Seydikemer that we aim to build into a safe haven for up to 28 AFOT fur babies.

It is being called the Animal Friends of Turkey Halfway House – a sanctuary for the abused and abandoned.

We were able to take the intitial step thanks to AFOT supporter and benefactor Sam Hutchinson who kindly and generously paid for the first six months of rent.  We cannot thank her enough.

The land has lots of interesting areas including its own pond

Since then we have run a successful appeal among our supporters who have generously provided the funds we need to build the first kennel block accommodation on the site.

This will come in the form of custom-built cabins that are due to arrive on site any day now, Covid lockdown restrictions permitting.

These blocks will be sleeping accommodation and will be built in a small cabin pods. You can see here the groundworks have been completed by our volunteers in readiness for their arrival.

Groundworks being laid for the some of the first cabin blocks
An example of the cabins that will soon arrive on site

The demand for our help has grown steadily over the past two-and-a-half years as our name and reputation has spread further and further afield across Turkey.

We find it hard as a committee to turn dogs in need away and the capacity of our foster care network has been holding us back.

The land needs to be securely fenced to keep the dogs safe

The creation of the Halfway House – halfway between the street and a forever home in the UK – will immediately mean we will be able to help twice as many unfortunate fur babies, and it will also give us a place of sanctuary for us to use in cases of emergency.

The house has a large verandah where the dogs can rest in the shade

We will be ensuring that all dogs that go into the Halfway House have a period of time living inside the house with our sanctuary volunteers before they make their journey to the UK.

This is an exciting chapter for Animal Friends of Turkey and the AFOT team.

Some of the first rescue dogs to be housed within the AFOT Halfway House

Our growth is being fuelled by the huge and growing need for rescue work in Turkey and by a vacuum in official state help for street dogs.

We want to do all that we possibly can for these dogs.  We can – with your help.

If you are able to help us get the AFOT Halfway House open by giving a donation then please give what you can – however small – by going to our appeals page AFOT Halfway House Appeal

The site has a number of outbuildings and we will seek grants to renovate these
Another example of the cabins that will become sleeping quarters for our rescue dogs