A safe haven for the abused and abandoned

In 2020 we launched a campaign to build our very own animal sanctuary. A place where the dogs rescued by AFOT could find security and comfort, perhaps for the very first time in their lives.

AFOT uses a foster care system to care for our rescued dogs and with foster carers in short supply, the sanctuary would allow us to almost double the amount of dogs we could take into AFOT care at any one time. A massive boost for us and the rescue community in Turkey.

This courageous step was taken at the beginning of 2020 only for our plans to be hit by a combination of the Covid pandemic and the temporary travel ban imposed as a result of the activities of ignorant activists opposed to Turkish dogs being adopted abroad.

Despite these setbacks we did manage to progress our plans thanks in the main to the wonderful and unswerving support we get from our fantastic supporters.

AFOT’s amazing foster carers Yvonne & Keith Gallant live on site providing our dogs with continuity of care, so important to these dogs who may have been passed from pillar to post.

The house has a large verandah where the dogs can rest in the shade
Block paved landscaping makes it easy to clean and keep hygienic

We were able to take the intitial step thanks to AFOT supporter and benefactor and Patron Sam Hutchinson, who kindly and generously paid for the first six months of rent on a one-acre plot of land close to Seydikemer. We cannot thank her enough.

We then ran a successful appeal among our supporters who generously provided the funds we need to build the bespoke kennel blocks, accommodation and landscape the area.

The creation of the Halfway House – halfway between the street and a forever home in the UK – meant we have been able to help twice as many unfortunate fur babies, and give a place of sanctuary for us to use in cases of emergency.

The demand for our help has grown steadily as our name and reputation has spread further and further afield across Turkey.

Our next stage in our expansion plan was to develop our own transport operations. Again our wonderful Patron Sam Hutchinson came to our aid and between our fabulous supporters we were able to purchase, kit out and upgrade our very own transport van.

Our transport van now takes our dogs from Turkey to UK which means continuity of the high standards of care AFOT is now renowned for.

Two years later and we have expanded beyond all expectations, fuelled by the huge and growing need for rescue work in Turkey and by a vacuum in official state help for street dogs.

The initial layout was suitable but having worked with it for two years we now see improvements which are urgently needed to ensure the sanctuary provides our dogs with the maximum comfort and stimulation we possibly can.

We need new fencing, new pens and most importantly we have been offered a new piece of land, previously used as ponds, which we want to turn into a space dedicated to our old dogs and dogs who will be permanently fostered by AFOT. Those unable to travel to UK due to age or health. They have found their forever homes.

Dogs like Nora, 10 years old, blind and arthritic, rescued after being abandoned and left to starve.
The new plot needs a complete transformation in order to make it a Forever Home.

We want to do all that we possibly can for these dogs. We can – with your help.

If you are able to help us get the by giving a donation then please give what you can – however small – by going to our donate page.

Yvonne releasing a few of our much loved dogs first thing in the morning.