There are so many ways in which you can donate to help our animals

Our work in rescuing abandoned animals from the streets of Turkey and rehoming them in new loving homes in the UK only survives thanks to generous donations and fundraising, we are totally reliant on this.

The average cost of rehoming a dog into the UK is around £1,000 minimum , this does not include any foster fees/food or kennelling costs or required veterinary care during the four month process.

Currently at any one time we have around 20 dogs either in pipeline or already lined up for transportation.  We have many more in need of our help – of your help.

We only ask for a partial donation to the cost of rescue and rehoming from those families that come forward to open up their hearts and their homes to these sweet, innocent creatures.  In the case of a dog we would hope for a donation of at least £300 and for a cat £150

We are lucky that on occasion these families want to go the extra mile and some set up pages and organise other fundraising events to contribute even more towards the costs of their chosen animal. This kind of generosity is always welcome

We also organise a range of fundraising events in both Turkey and the UK to add to our coffers, and we are fortunate to have individuals who organise their own sponsored events to help boost our funds.  People like hero Tony Wilkins who ran the Salomon to Cappadocia Ultra Trail on our behalf.

As vitally important to Animal Friends of Turkey are the growing number of people who agree to donate a small monthly sum to our cause, this helps us budget and plan how many more animals we are able to help.

They do so either via our Paypal account which you can go to by clicking here – AFOT Paypal

You can also donate directly to us through the charitable giving platform We have our own donations page on there and it is so easy to do.

This Paypal donation can be sent as a small monthly donation or it is possible for you to set a small recurring monthly standing order donation directly into our bank account.

To donate via is so simple. You just need to follow this link – donate here

If you prefer you can also make payments directly into the Animal Friends of Turkey (AFOT) bank account.

This can either be a one-off payment or you can set up a standing order for regular monthly payments to help us help the dogs. Our bank account details for this purpose are as follows:

Sort code: 30-90-89 Account number 37878068

Whichever way you choose to donate to our work, we are extremely grateful. Your support means everything as without we would not be able to do what we do.

Thank you

pamuk roll
Pamuk arrives at her new home in the UK and immediately shows her immediate appreciation

These small but regular donations are the lifeblood of our work and without them we would not be able to rescue as many animals as we do.

The sad and sometimes shocking state of many of the animals we find and rescue is enough to break your heart.

All this just makes the joy of seeing these very same dogs gambolling around with such joy and happiness in the bosom of their new family all the more uplifting.  These are scenes that are shared with all our members and supporters and it helps to keep us going.

In its short time in existence AFOT has clocked up so many successes in giving these innocent and sad creatures the chance of experiencing love and happiness in the UK.

For all this work there is so much more to be done but we can only do more by increasing our income even further through donations and fundraising.

If you feel you can do something or give something to help us – however, small – then please contact us.  We would love to hear from you and so would the abandoned street animals of Turkey.

You can reach us through our contacts page by clicking here