Animal Friends of Turkey is a volunteer-run charity – there are no paid officers and every penny of our income is spent on our sole aim of rehoming animals into loving homes in the UK, we are a non-profit organisation.

Our work is expanding all the time and to help us maintain our growth we need to keep expanding the army of warm hearted individuals who give their time freely to help these poor innocents.

We have volunteers in both the UK and also in Turkey.  Some focus on revenue and fundraising to ensure we have enough to cover vets bills and transportation costs of this huge rehoming exercise.

But equally important and just as vital are those who give their valuable time to help us.

The two main areas of help we always need are people in both Turkey and the UK who would be prepared to act as foster carers for our animals.

Foster carers

We are often in desperate need in Turkey especially for people who will look after our animals who have suffered terrible abuse or being taken off the streets and rescued from often appalling situations.

The need for a foster carer can be immediate and as we grow we find we cannot get enough help in this area and are always looking for animal loving people who can be that angel that will make all the difference.

This can often mean looking after them for up to four months while we ensure the dogs go through all the correct procedures to get them ready for transportation to the UK.

The authorities in Turkey have strict requirements governing vaccinations and testing before State Vet certification is granted allowing the export of our precious cargo.

We are desperate that our animals spend this time in the care of a loving temporary home rather than in kennels, given what they have already had to endure.

We cannot get enough volunteers, therefore, who are prepared to act as foster carers.

We also need foster homes in the UK.  It is always our aim to secure a loving forever home in the UK before the dog embarks on their road trip across Europe.

This is not always possible, however, so there will be occasions we will transport a dog without a definite home secured and so we will need temporary foster care while our search continues.

Home checks

The other important task carried out by volunteers is the home visit and home check.  We have a number already in place but there are areas of the UK where we have gaps.

There is a set procedure for home visits and a set criteria to assess homes against. There is naturally a vetting process in place in confirming a new volunteer as a home visitor and there is also training provided.

What next if you want to help

If you are interested in joining our team of home visitors, or indeed if you are interested in becoming a foster carer, then please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with more information and to start a conversation with you.

You can contact us by going directly to our contact us page by clicking here

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Please help – the abandoned rescue animals of Turkey need all the help they can get