RESERVED – Bobby the boy rescued from the mountains is so full of joy and love

Bobby was lucky to be found when backpackers came across him during a hike across the Marmaris mountains.

They found him lying with a gunshot wound to his front leg and it was obvious that without help he would die.

It is likely that local hunters had mistaken him for a small boar but then had decided to leave him there to die.

The backpackers took him to the nearest vet who patched him up but unfortunately he couldn’t save his leg.

He had nowhere to go but a local hotelier agreed to look after him until he had at least recovered from his operation.

An appeal then went out to find someone who would take him in and eventually a foster carer in Dalaman came forward to offer him a temporary home.

Seven months later there was still no joy in finding a permanent home and so the foster carer turned to Animal Friends of Turkey to ask for our help.

Bobby is great with other dogs

Bobby is estimated to be around three years old and is small to medium in size weighing in at about 12-15kg.

He is such a happy-go-lucky lad with a beautiful chocolate colour and he is super dog friendly.

He plays all day in the garden and it is if no-one has told him that he only has three legs. He runs around like a maniac until eventually he collapses for a well earned rest.

He jumps, he plays with the other dogs, he runs and he is always on the go. He is such a happy and delightful chap.

He is a gentle eater and he walks really well on the lead and he talks to you all the time along the way.

He loves his walks and he also loves nothing better than to scamper around the field. He is also cat friendly.

Bobby will make someone the most wonderful companion and he is someone who will leave his new owner with a permanent smile. He is just one of those dogs.

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