RESERVED – Abandoned due to ignorance, Stella is absolutely full of fun and love

Found wandering alone on the streets of Izmir, Turkey, Stella was painfully thin. It is thought she had been thrown out simply because she is a bull breed. Due to Turkey’s President issuing a writ that certain bull breeds have been designated ‘Banned Breeds’, many innocent dogs, Boxers being one, are being mistakenly abandoned due to the ignorance of their owners. Sadly, poor Stella is one of those dogs.

Stella when first found, so forlorn

Stella is thought to be about two years old. She has had a litter but has now been neutered. Confused, scared and starving, Stella seemed so sad but with the correct veterinary care, good food and the excellent care of her foster-mum, she soon overcame all her problems and is now a wonderful, care-free girl ready for her new life.

So painfully thin, we don’t know how long Stella had been roaming

A Boxer-cross, Stella has a reverse-brindle coat and typical Boxer looks although she has a slightly longer body and she doesn’t have quite as many folds in her jowls. We think she could possibly have some Labrador in her mix. This all makes for a beautiful girl, both in looks and personality – a winning combination of fun and loyalty.

Stella really is so, so happy
Striding out in her pen, Stella is full of energy

Stella has gained weight and now weighs a healthy approximately 40kg (May 2022). She is very good on the lead and walks well. She loves to play with other dogs and would be ideal with another dog as she has lots of energy and will play all day. Stella is housetrained and good in the house. She gets on well with cats and with the correct introductions could live with resident cats and dogs. Like all Boxers, she adores people and loves cuddles and affection. She will be a wonderful companion and make any family complete.

Stella playing football with her buddy Dennis (reserved)

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