Abandoned and let down, little Efe just needs someone he can rely on

Efe appeared at the beach in Calis, Turkey and befriended a couple. No one knows where he appeared from but like many dogs that turn up on the beach, he was probably abandoned there. He must have followed the couple as he somehow managed to find his way to their villa. They took pity on him as he was hanging around the bins and so they let him sleep on their terrace.

Sweet Efe just wants someone to trust

The couple were planning to take a trip and asked a local dog fosterer to look after him until they returned and advised they would adopt Efe upon their return. Sadly this was not to be the case and upon their return instead said, “Shall I come and collect him and take him to the shelter now or tomorrow?”

The lovely fosterer and animal lover couldn’t agree to that and so Efe remained there and continued to be cared for by her. Unfortunately, Efe is too easily stressed by the comings and goings of her busy household and needs somewhere quieter.

Efe loves to be outside soaking up the sun

Efe is a lovely, small/medium boy approximately 16kg. He is a mixed breed with possibly some retriever in him with his long tan and white coat and is approximately 3 years old (April 2022).

Efe loves to ride in the car and gets very excited when he sees the harness come out. It appears he was quite pampered at some point and he loves a brush and certainly brushes up well! Although good indoors, he chooses to sleep in the kennel outside rather than share the kitchen but that may well be down to the busy environment.

Handsome boy Efe

Efe self harms when he is anxious or there are too many other dogs in the home and therefore we are looking for Efe to be the only dog or pet in the home. We need someone who has lots of time, patience and understanding for Efe, perhaps someone who is retired or working from home so he won’t be left for long periods as his abandonment has obviously left him with issues. These may settle once he begins to trust his new home environment and his new family, but ongoing firm but kind training to make him feel safe and secure is a must for Efe. In return Efe will give you all the love and devotion you can handle.

Efe is looking for just the right person to love

If you think you could provide the care Efe needs, then please check out what’s involved in taking on one of our rescue dogs by clicking this link and reading our Dog Adoption Policy guidelines

A home check is always made and while there is no adoption fee required, we do ask for a donation with all our dogs to help towards our costs.

If you want to register your interest in Efe or are interested in providing a loving home for one of our rescue dogs in general then please complete and submit our Dog Adoption Registration form.