Bleu the rescue boy so happy now he is safe from harm

Bleu was dumped on the streets and struggled to cope in that competitive world. His skinny frame was seen regularly walking around the village all alone. He was scared of humans but he formed the habit of attaching himself to one woman in the area and often followed her home and would tag along behind as she gave her own dogs a walk in the morning and evening.

Bleu is a beautiful boy who just loves his cuddle time

He then vanished for nearly a week before the woman heard he had been found lying close to death in a garden after being hit by a car. He also showed signs that he had been attacked by other dogs.

He was rushed to a vet where he received emergency treatment and after he recovered, he was parceled off to the dog park for a period before they decided to put him back out on the street. The woman he befriended was shaken by this decision and so she arranged to take him herself and foster him while she sought a permanent home for him.

Bleu is brilliant around the home and joy to be with

Having no luck in finding a permanent home for Bleu, she then asked Animal Friends of Turkey for help to find handsome Bleu a home of his very own.

Bleu is now living with three other dogs and three cats while in foster care and has settled down very well. He has a very soft gentle nature and he is just grateful for this second chance of life, and he is so trusting of humans.

Bleu is full of loves to play

He has been living in the house and we suspect this was a new experience for him. At first he started to chew things and ripping up his beds but this was quickly addressed through chew toys and discipline and as a result he has become an excellent house guest and is now great in the home and loves the other dogs. He is still a little wary when meeting a new dog for the first time which is understandable given his experience of the dog attack.

Bleu adores his humans and lives for cuddles

He can bark if approached by a new dog while on the lead but after initial introduction though he is fine with them. This anxiety will ease over time as he begins to feel more secure.

He is fine around the cats although he can try to chase them from time to time. A sharp word and he soon remembers his best behaviour but we wouldn’t recommend a new home with cats.

He loves people and greets strangers with a huge smile and a very waggy tail and enjoys his walks and is great on the harness.

Bleu is such a happy boy and loves his cuddles and snuggles

He loves his chewy toys, bones and to sleep in a big bed but most of all he loves his cuddles and kisses and his favourite time is having a snuggle with his human on the sofa.

He also adores his time on his walks and the chance to run around and play. In short he is an absolute joy to have around.

Bleu has recovered from his accident but sometimes still lifts up the leg that was injured. He has been assessed by our vets and we are assured that the leg is almost back to normal and that this is just a habit now, but it doesn’t stop him racing around though and does not hold him back in any way.

Bleu is such a handsome young man

He is just over a year old (May 2022) and we’re looking for just the right home for him and a home where he can get all the cuddles and care he wants and needs.

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A home check is always made and while there is no adoption fee required, we do ask for a voluntary donation to help towards our costs.

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