Rescue boy Rocky is such a character who loves to play and have fun and is never happier than when he’s in water.

Rocky is upset that someone else wants to go in the water. He’ll wait patiently for his turn – again!

Rocky was rescued in early November 2021 in a remote village in Turkey along with his Mummy and five other pups. They were estimated to be 8 weeks old and been abandoned.

Sadly three of the pups died over the following few months but Rocky, Sam and sister Fin are the lucky ones. They are now 11 months old (6th July 2022), and each weighs in the region of 18kg.

Rocky is a gorgeous boy!

Rocky is very loving and so playful. He loves to play with his siblings and the other foster dogs and isn’t remotely afraid of any kind of dog and will play with them all. Particularly the big dogs as he likes to jump on them as if he’s the same size as them.

He’s great with children but needs more assessment with cats.

He has such a funny character and a bit of a hoarder – don’t leave anything hanging around! Socks and shoes are his favourite things and he will happily run off with them. Even if he has his own toys, he will still want your socks and shoes instead.

Handsome Rocky.

Rocky has lots of energy absolutely loves his walks. As soon as he sees the lead he goes crazy, rushing to the gate first to be out first. His absolute favourite thing though is water. He just loves water and being in the river and anything to do with water!

Rocky is now ready for his new life to begin.

As Rocky has been surrounded by dogs and gets so involved with playing with them we feel he would be best suited to being with another resident dog for company and as a playmate.

So now it is Rocky’s time for a forever home of his own so if you think you could offer him the life he deserves then please check out what’s involved in taking on one of our rescue dogs by clicking this link and reading our Dog Adoption Policy guidelines.

A home check is always made and while there is no adoption fee required, we do ask for a voluntary donation to help towards our costs.

If you want to register your interest in Rocky or are interested in providing a loving home for one of our rescue dogs in general then please complete and submit our Dog Adoption Registration form.