Abandoned as a tiny puppy, Chaz was left to fend for himself but luckily this gorgeous boy was discovered just in time – RESERVED

Chaz was found as a puppy of less than 6 months old living in the garden of a couple who had simply up and left him and gone back to the UK. You would think that at that age he was obviously too young to be left to fend for himself but in Turkey that isn’t the case and so he was taken to be neutered with a view to putting him onto the streets to do just that or into a local shelter – a certain death sentence for such a small puppy.

Handsome Chaz needs someone who will spend time with him

At the vets he was found to be malnourished and was covered in tics and fleas. He had a tic-borne infection which needed a six week course of treatment and he therefore went into foster care where his caring foster family looked after him and he is now fully recovered. At this point it was clear that as he had no street skills he could not survive on the streets and so Animal Friends of Turkey were asked to find him a permanent home in the UK.

Chaz is extremely intelligent and eager to learn

Chaz is a super intelligent boy and needs to be with a special person who can give him the stimulation he requires. He needs lots of time, play and attention to keep him from becoming bored as he so easily does without this important stimulus. Being so intelligent he is very quick to learn but can be wilful so will need ongoing training and kind discipline to get the most from this very special boy. He will reward that person with absolute devotion.

Chaz and friends – he loves to mix with other dogs

Chaz loves to play with other dogs in the foster family and is friendly with the cats – A special dog indeed. He is now just over one year old (April 2022) and a medium sized, mixed breed dog weighing 28kg and we imagine he has some German Shepherd in his mix which would account for his intelligence and loyalty.

Chaz is quite the character!

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