Battler Savas so close to getting her dream home

This beautiful girl had a difficult start to her life before she was rescued and came into AFOT care. She moved into one of our foster care homes and she seemed to be doing well at first. However, her health never fully recovered and she spent some time at the vet’s under observation and treatment. It appeared that she had problems with her immune system that her susceptible to all manner of problems. Unfortunately, and despite the round the clock care she received at times, Savas could not make it and she sadly passed away on of her periods of observation with the vet in March, 2021.

At least she knew love and kindness in the last six months of her life, the poor dear. Rest In Peace sweet Savas – here is her original story:

Adorable pup Savas had a real fight on her hands in her early weeks on this earth.

She was born in an area that is notorious for the cruelty of its residents towards street dogs and it was a stroke of luck for her that she was found at just six weeks old.

Animal Friends of Turkey had been alerted to the plight of four other young pups in that area that were in desperate need of help.

Savas is thriving now she is safe at her foster home

The four would certainly have perished if a place of safety could not be found for them so we agreed to find a place of safety for them if they could gathered up.

Animal volunteers living in the area not far from the famous tourist spot of Cappadocia immediately set out to try to search for them and to arrange to get the four transported across to the AFOT foster network in Fethiye.

Unfortunately one of the four had died and despite an extensive search only two of the others could be found – young Drake and sister Pearl.

Savas is a loving and affectionate girl who loves life

However, in their search for the four the volunteers came across little Savas trembling all on her own with no mother anywhere to be found.

And so it was that Savas was rescued by the volunteers and put on the same transport as Drake and Pearl to make the ten-hour road trip to Fethiye.

Her fight was not yet over though as it was found on arrival to us that Savas had a serious infection and was not certain to make it.

With the help of the vet and the loving care of her foster Mum, who tended to her around the clock and had her sleeping with her in her bed, she pulled through to make a full recovery.

And so it was she came to be named Savas – pronounced Savash in Turkish and a word that means battle – as she had certainly won a true personal battle to pull through.

Savas had a real battle on her hands in her early weeks of life

That was back in October 2020 and she is now approaching six months old and thriving with the foster Mum who helped to save her.

She turned into the most adorable young girl who is loving life now she is safe.

She is extremely affectionate and loves nothing more than a cuddle on the sofa, and to this day she still sneaks up to sleep in bed with her foster Mum from time to time.

Savas with the foster Mum who helped save her gets a check up at the vets

She is currently a medium-sized dog, about the size of a small Boxer, but she shows all the signs that she will grow into a large dog.

She is very dog friendly and gets on with all shapes and sizes.

She is extremely playful and the early signs are that she may be child friendly, although we stress that we have yet to properly test her in that area. She has also yet to be tested with cats.

Now she is growing up she has started the preparation to get her ready for her journey to the UK.

Savas is likely to be a big girl when she is fully grown