Sad Mel’s rescue the spur that sparked the founding of AFOT

A personal tribute from our founder Carol Holbrook

Mel is a special girl in so many ways, a very special boxer dog who touched my heart . “Mel’s Rainbow Bridge” is my personal tribute to her.

Mel was a rescue in every sense of the word, pre AFOT, dumped at the Koyceiz shelter in 2017 in terrible condition having been bred…

When first setting eyes on her I knew she was special, so very special, on the journey to safety she lay across my knee in the car. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes as I promised her she was safe forever, as she nuzzled in the bond between us was instant.

Mel’s journey was far from easy, as we realised as time went on that there was something not right with Mel.

Sweet Mel who stole the heart of AFOT founder Carol Holbrook

Sue & Mike Cato were fostering her and driving to Antalya regularly for her to see a specialist.

Donations poured in for her through the boxer rescue that were rescuing her and where I was a Trustee at the time.

There was so much support for her, she touched everyone….. and she fought hard for the life we had promised her.

Mel was due to come to our home on foster in early 2018, everyone knew she would never have left.

However, as the time grew near for her to travel to join us, tragedy struck our family, which meant we had to find another home for her.

A perfect home was was found for Mel with Kim & Andrew Stacey and Rocky her boxer brother, they gave her everything, She experienced a life she always should have known, but it is never about quantity only quality and she had that in abundance .

Mel unfortunately struggled with her heart but kept on fighting.

She loved her life, but tragically on the 11th May 2019 just under a year after arriving the decision was made to let Mel go and she made her final journey to Rainbow Bridge.

She was with the people she loved most in the world – she was only 5 years old.

Mel was the reason Animal Friends Of Turkey was founded, as her rescue was my inspiration and for every animal that has been rescued and for every one yet to be will be dedicated to MEL, this is her legacy

And why she will always be remembered