Nellie died surrounded by love after brief time in the UK

Nellie the Boxer was already ten years old when we eventually managed to get this beautiful girl to her new home in the UK.

She had endured a difficult life up to then in Turkey until she was taken into the home of one of most experienced AFOT foster carers.

Beautiful Boxer only enjoyed a brief life in the UK

She blossomed there before moving to join a loving family in the UK where she teamed up with resident Boxer Oscar in the August of 2019.

The pair got on famously and although she only lived for a few short months with the family we know she was happy there.

We had hoped that she might have had a lot longer to enjoy in her new home but sadly health complications eventually took her.

She passed away with the love of her family surrounding her.

She will always have a special place in our hearts.

Sweet dreams Sweet Nell