The wonderful woman who helps make AFOT what we are

Animal Friends of Turkey has been truly blessed to find a patron as fully supportive as she is to us as fabulous patron Sam Hutchinson.

Sam has been an incredible supporter to us as a charity ever since she first came into contact with us in applying to adopt an AFOT dog.

Our patron Sam Hutchinson

She took our Benny into her home and since then she has stepped forward time after time to help us with our appeals. It was her financial aid that was crucial in us being able to open and set up our Halfway House Sanctuary as quick as we did.

And stunningly, she responded to our £25k appeal to enable us to buy our own van by coming forward to give us the WHOLE amount after she heard that the future of AFOT was in jeopardy without our own transport operation.

We were staggered and when we asked her why she was being so generous she answered quickly and simply: “There is no way I could stand by and let you close. The work you do is too important.”

That sums Sam up and her commitment to us and the work we do on the ground in Turkey to help vulnerable and needy dogs there.

Sam is a Partner in a law firm that serves the financial sector of the City of London, and she takes an active interest in the our rescue work.

Benny and Findik – the two AFOT dogs now at home with Sam

Since taking on Benny she has also adopted another AFOT dog in our sweet Findik and the pair of them have truly fallen on her feet.

The least we could do was to offer her the role as our Patron and we were so pleased and proud when she said yes.

Bless you Sam – we would not be able to do half of things we do to help the dogs of Turkey without your help.