Tilly was a sad little girl when we found her but now she has a wonderful and happy life in North Yorkshire where she shares a home with Judith Nesbitt and her family. This is what Judith has to say about how she came to be an AFOT adopter:

We first saw Tilly on the AFOT website and fell in love with her straight away.

We applied to adopt her and after a home visit, and we were told she could come and live with us.

AFOT do an amazing job helping these animals

Judith Nesbitt from North Yorkshire

We started counting down the days. A lovely couple brought her to us after a very long journey.

Sometimes we don’t know what has happened to these poor dogs and Tilly was very timid when she first arrived and didn’t know how to play.

She now has a her own box of toys and to see the change in her is magical.

AFOT do an amazing job helping these animals.

Beautiful Tilly with Judith on a walk in North Yorkshire