Bez Spence knew she had a space in her heart and home in Rugby, Warwickshire, when she saw Billy’s face on the AFOT website. This is her personal story:

It is nine months since I saw Billy’s details on the AFOT website and something clicked inside of me – I knew we had a home for him.

He has been with us for four and a half months now and what a darling sweetheart he is!

I did wonder if it was a bit mad getting a dog we had never met, but then when we got Leo, our other rescue, we only met him literally for five minutes before we agreed to take him in.

Bez with Billy at their home in Warwickshire

With Billy though, what was really nice was that I was able to message his foster parents for several months before he came over so I felt I really knew him by the time he came over.

I would get updates and photos so I knew what the little monkey had been up to. It was good too, that I could find out about his routine, what he ate, what vaccinations he had had etc including that he liked nothing better than to snuggle up on the sofa or bed. He still does actually.

Billy knows he’s home now and is being thoroughly spoilt by everyone

Bez from Rugby in Warwickshire

Since his arrival I have also been able to reciprocate with updates, news and photos of his life here. I always felt in touch with AFOT at every stage, including during the five day journey over here when I had lots of messages and photos about their progress which was very reassuring.

One thing that I wasn’t prepared for though, was the big space he filled in my heart from day one. Billy knows he’s home now and is being thoroughly spoilt by everyone. Maybe not Leo though but they do enjoy their long walks together, even in the rain 😀