Tracy Corbett is an AFOT adopter who had never taken on a rescue dog before and would never have dreamed of taking on a dog she had never met. But that is exactly what she did – twice times over. Tracy, who lives in Tyldesley, Manchester, has shared how she overcame her doubts to reap the rewards that only come from knowing the love of a rescue dog. These are her words:

Having recently lost my own dog I was keen to have another around the house, but I was a little hesitant about having a rescue dog. I was worried about any ‘issues’ it might have, especially around trust of humans and bad habits that I may not encounter with a puppy.

The additional worry with adopting a dog from overseas was that, unless we flew out there, we wouldn’t meet it beforehand. Well we needn’t have worried about this in the end…

Tracy Corbett – AFOT Adopter

My friend encouraged me to have a look at the AFOT website (I was already following the stories of several dogs on their Facebook page which is very active).

This is when we spotted Luna… cruelly abandoned at 6 months old by her Turkish owners. She had been adopted from the shelter as a puppy, but they no longer wanted her.

She was now destined for the shelter, which (although they do their best) is no place for a young dog. We started the process of submitting the forms and having our home check, and soon AFOT managed to find Luna a lovely foster home – meaning she could experience comfort and love during her wait to come to the UK.

She had to wait to travel as she needed the appropriate vaccines etc (to avoid quarantine) but this meant she could travel directly from foster home to us.

Happy and loving Luna as she is now in Manchester

Throughout our wait the foster carer regularly updated us on any progress/ problems/ behaviour etc. They thoroughly assess them in all areas to ensure the rehoming was right- they definitely do not want the home to fall through as this is not good for the dog. We had purposely asked for Luna to be assessed with children and cats and this was no problem.

We actually ended up adopting another dog as well – Lucy. Lucy was already living in the foster carer’s home after being rescued (also had a very sad story).

We have found rescuing Lucy and Luna to be challenging but very rewarding. We were reassured that any problems they would always take the dogs back under their (UK) care, although this would have been my final resort.

Allow the correct time for dogs to settle, don’t expect miracles overnight and you will reap the rewards

Tracy Corbett – AFOT Adopter
Lucy’s arrival helped complete the Corbett family

The charity arranges everything in terms of transport and legal things and cover all costs aside from the adoption donation.

AFOT also offer lifelong support, whether in relation to behaviour problems or feeding issues.

In those early days I was on the phone to Carol a lot and I was always met with empathy and support. A year on I still regularly message them to ask advice or just send updates on the dogs (and will continue to do so).

Tracy with her family and her AFOT rescues