Jane Wilson had never met her AFOT rescue scrap Gem before he arrived at her home in Scotland but she felt she already knew him. Here Jane shares in her own words her experience of the whole process of adopting an AFOT dog

We adopted Gem from AFOT in October 2019 after seeing his post on my Facebook news feed.

AFOT responded promptly to my enquiry and sent me details of the adoption process.

This was straightforward – I followed the link and submitted my form.

Jane with her AFOT rescue Gem

This was followed up by a chat with Carol via telephone then a home visit, completed by a friendly AFOT team member from nearby.

I must have vacuumed a million times before the visit (!) but really- it’s not about that.

The visit is to demonstrate how safe and appropriate your home is to welcome a new family member and it was smooth and friendly. No-one should be put off by this.

After being selected as Gem’s new mummy the next step was signing a contract and awaiting his arrival.

The transport was arranged by AFOT and Happy Pets Travel kept us updated throughout.

Watching these dogs flower is the real reward

Jane Wilson from West Dunbartonshire, Scotland

The adoption contribution was very reasonable, as AFOT’s fundraising pays the expensive costs of bringing a dog from Turkey.

Continuing to support these fundraising efforts helps other dogs find happy endings.

Gemma with Jane’s daughter Pandora

Adopting a dog I had never met did not phase me. Maybe because I had 3 Turkish rescues already.

I’d been given so much information on Gem that I felt I knew him before he got here. I already felt a connection to him.

Gem is loving life in Scotland

Needless to say the rest is history… GEM has been with us for 4 months now and I can’t remember life without him.

I’d be pretending if I said rescue comes without challenges, but this too can be the case with any dog. However, this is what makes rescue so rewarding.

These dogs have survived horrific abuse, starvation and often come back from the brink of death. The trauma can manifest itself in many ways but like with anything,- nurture it and it will grow!

Watching these dogs flower from frightened souls to bouncy family pets is the real reward- the ‘Thank you’ for choosing me.