Dumped rescue dog Boo now through his ordeal deserves his happy home

Boo is a beautiful dog who was twice abandoned and twice rescued from a life that offered him no real future.

So now Animal Friends of Turkey have teamed up with another on-the-ground dog rescue charity in Fethiye with the aim of finding him real happiness in a forever home in the UK.

Boo was originally found dumped and wandering the streets aimlessly in the middle of Kayakoy.

He was in a dreadful state suffering from terrible skin condition that was obviously causing him a lot of discomfort.

Boo when he was found with a skin condition caused by a simply treated flea allergy

He came to the attention of Animal Aid Ovacik, an animal charity that does a lot of great work in that area helping street dogs and cats.

They took him to a vet where they found he was suffering from a flea allergy that was causing his widespread skin infection.

He was shaved, bathed, treated with medication and castrated. Then when he was in a lot better condition he was placed back on the streets at the place where he was found.

Boo loves to cuddle up on the sofa

The working assumption is that he had a home in Kayakoy and that he was thrown out after he started to develop his skin condition.

It is a crying shame that he was allowed to get into that state as his awful condition could so easily have been avoided with the use of a few flea drops or flea powder.

Boo loves his walks and is responding well in foster care

AA Ovacik aimed to keep an eye on him and ensure he received monthly flea treatment and received a regular medicated bath.

However, it is assumed that he must have found his way back home again only to be taken further afield this time to be dumped.

He turned up in Fethiye and it was while he was there that AA Ovacik became aware of him and recognised him as the dog they were helping in Ovacik.

They began to fear for his safety and this time they organised for him to go into one of their foster homes.

They then contacted Animal Friends of Turkey for help in securing a more permanent home for him.

We are only too happy to help and so we are delighted to say that we have been able to find him a loving home in the UK.

Rescue dog Boo is now hoping to find a loving home in the UK

Boo is a young dog although he is no longer a puppy. He is extremely dog friendly but he is not good at all with cats. He is yet to be child tested.

He is a small dog with a very sweet loving nature. He loves being in the house and loves nothing better than a cuddle on the sofa.

His foster home is back in Kayakoy and his foster carer believes they know where his original home was.

He reacts badly when passing a particular house with a kennel in a garden. We suspect that was where he was once chained up.

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