Tiny pup Bella has has grown into such a beautiful young lady

Niki – or Bella as she is now known – is now living in the UK and has a happy and fulfilled life ahead of her as this first photograph on the day she arrived at her new forever home clearly shows. What follows this photo is her original story:

Bella – nee Nicki – shows how happy she was to arrive at her new forever home in the UK

Niki was a mere scrap of a pup when she was dumped on a main road outside a busy market in Fethiye.

She was just a few weeks old and tiny, and when she was first spotted the cars were literally driving over the top of her.

It must have been utterly frightening and totally bewildering for the poor little mite.

Niki is such an affection young girl

Fortunately she was spotted by a young woman on a motor scooter who stopped, scooped her up and popped her into her crash helmet.

She then went into the market itself where she headed for a lady who was running a table-top sale there in aid of animals.

Apparently Niki’s sibling was also dumped there but it seems that this little pup didn’t survive, dying some days later from a fever.

The table-top lady could not leave Niki there so took her home and cared for her.

Niki is great with other dogs and with children

She and her husband had to bottle feed her with puppy milk around the clock for the first couple of weeks to build her up.

She was weak and she was taken to the vets, and while her general health was OK they found that she was suffering from a form of Rickets.

It showed itself in a slight deformity in a front leg but luckily they caught it in time.

Niki is growing into a beautiful young lady

She was treated and recovered, and she was also given a heavy strapping splint that has done an excellent job of straightening the leg.

She stayed there for the next four to five months and she would have remained there but for the fact that her four other larger dogs started to attack and mither her all the time.

They were making Niki’s life a hell and it was clear she needed to find a new home.

Niki loves a cuddle and has an adorable temperament

Having been brought up in the full comfort of a home it was no longer an option to put Niki back out on to the streets. She would not have coped.

Instead she approached Animal Friends of Turkey for help in trying to find a home where Niki can feel safe.

We have now moved Niki into a new foster home while we prepare her for travel to the UK in the New Year.

Now that she has just past six months old you can see that she is growing into a beautiful young girl with long legs, sleek body and glowing coat.

Niki as she was when she was found at just a few weeks old and wearing her strapping

She has an adorable temperament and loves her fuss and cuddles.

She is playful, good with other dogs and loves going on long walks.

She would be the ideal companion for someone who has the time and energy to give her the love, security, good food and exercise she needs.

Niki is a gorgeous you pup who is a joy to be around

She is great with children and we believe she is also comfortable with cats although we are planning to do some more testing on that.

This stunning girl has now found the home of her dreams – be happy sweet girl.