This rescue dog is shining through after being dumped and neglected

We felt absolutely sure that it will not take us long to find a loving forever home for this gorgeous girl – and it certainly didn’t.

Chantelle is a gentle and loving girl who we have just rescued after being dumped at the shelter.

Chantelle’s story is one of sadness and neglect.

She is a beautiful Maltese Terrier who we do not believe has ever been a street dog. This little girl was owned.

Chantelle in foster care after being shorn of her matted and tangled fur

She arrived at the Koycegiz shelter when her owner just turned up with her one day.

The owner simply handed her lead over to a member of staff before walking away without a word of explanation.

We estimate Chantelle’s age at around three years old and the shock of moving from a home directly into a shelter was too much for her take.

She arrived at the shelter badly matted with fleas and she had large black lumps of fur around her mouth and ears. It was clear that she had been neglected for some time.

She struggled badly for her first two weeks in the shelter as she just didn’t have the tools to cope.

Chantelle as she was before we got her cleaned up

It was clear that she just didn’t belong in there and that was when we were alerted to her plight.

We immediately took her out of there and moved her into foster care.

On his first night we got her to the vets where they carefully and gingerly dematted her and cleaned her up.

She is a gentle and loving girl

Chantelle was quiet and patient throughout and it was almost as if she understood that she was being helped.

She is already happier now she is in foster care and we have no doubt that she will blossom once we find the right home for her.

She is good with other dogs and she walks well on the lead.

Chantelle had only been with her AFOT foster carer for a few days when the fosterer herself fell head over heels for her.

Chantelle as we found her in the shelter where she struggled to cope

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