Freddie is now the perfect inseparable companion

Adorable scruff Freddie was carted off to the shelter after struggling to get by on the streets. He was rescued from there and brought into AFOT care. Today he is finally safe and living with a loving family in Darlington. Here is his original story …

Adorable Freddie turned up out of the blue when he was spotted by one of the many feeding stations dotted around the Fethiye area.

He was frightened, wary and as thin as a stick.

He would not accept the offer of help from animal volunteers who tried to get close to him.

Freddie is an adorable and loving boy

Concerns increased as it was clear that he was not in the best of health.

Then reports came in that he had been carted off to the shelter, which is no place for a poorly dog in need of help.

Freddie is a handsome and loving boy

The animal volunteers got him out of there and into the hands of a vet who took him in and managed to get him sorted out. It seems he had some form of advanced kennel cough that thankfully has now completely cleared.

The problem then was to find what best to do for him and it was then that we were approached for our help at Animal Friends of Turkey.

Freddie loves nothing better than having a cuddle on the sofa

He is now in foster care and what we now have is the most loving, adorable young dog you could ever wish to meet.

He is an adorable boy just waiting for his forever home.

Freddie has made great friends with the resident cat in care

He is still a little wary of other dogs but the work has begun to get him feeling more comfortable around other dogs.

He is still only around 18 months old and as he has settled into foster care his puppy like nature has started to come to the fore.

He loves to play and he just wants to be with you all the time. He loves nothing better than snuggling up with you on the sofa or in bed.

Freddie is now waiting for his forever home in the UK

He has made great friends with the resident cat in care and the two of them are almost inseparable.

We get the strong impression that he was once an owned dog and we suspect he may have been dumped after developing his cough. This would also explain why he was so ill-prepared to cope with life on the streets.

Freddie is the kind of dog who will be an inseparable companion for someone and he has so much love to give. He just needs to find the right person who can give just as much love back to him.

Freddie deserves a home filled with love

If you think you could be the one for one of our dogs then please check out what’s involved in taking on one of our rescue dogs by clicking this link and reading our Dog Adoption Policy guidelines.

A home check is always made and while there is no adoption fee required, we do ask for a voluntary donation to help towards our costs.

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You can get a good sense of size of Freddie from this photo
Freddie is comfortable around children as well