Blind brother and sister find new home in the UK

The stories of lovable Finch and Phoebe started in the weeks leading up to the creation of Animal Friends of Turkey and were transported over just after the start of AFOT.

Through eye infections Finch was totally blind and Phoebe nearly blind when they were found as tiny kittens.

They were sad little creatures but fortunately they were helped by kindhearted animal volunteers and soon after were put into the care of super foster carers Sue and Mike Cato in Turkey for safekeeping.

The funds had already been raised by private fundraising events in the UK prior to the start of AFOT for these little babies as there was not really a chance of a future for them in Turkey.

blind cats
Finch relaxes in his new forever home in the UK

As Animal friends took off, arrangements were being made to transport these two little siblings over to their fabulous new home that had been secured.  They  arrived on these shores after a five-day trip and we were really fortunate in finding them a wonderful couple with huge hearts to take them in.

We have been back many times to see how they have settled in and they are as happy as can be.

They do not know how special they are and they have adjusted really well to their blindness.

blind cats 1
Finch on the right with Phoebe cuddling up in her cosy hideaway

Finch is the bold one and while Phoebe is a little more timid they both love nothing more than having cuddles and love.

Although the rescuing and rehoming of this wonderful pair was done privately outside of AFOT,  they were still rescued by the same people.

All our supporters were able to follow their five day journey over from Turkey to their new home and it is for this reason Finch and Phoebe will always be very very special to AFOT ❤️

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 22.03.27
Finch and Phoebe – came to the UK just after AFOT started – now fully settled into their new home in the UK