Rescued pup Heidi hoping for a new life in the UK (Reserved)

Young pup Heidi was just a few weeks old when she was rescued along with her sister from a river as she struggled to reach their Labrador-cross mum.

Their mother had waded across to the other side to forage for food and the two young pups were desperate to join her.

They plunged in and due to flooding the water kept rising, they were on the verge of drowning.

Fortunately they were spotted and rescued from the water. The good Samaritans tried to get to their mother to reunite them but she ran away.

Little rescue pup Heidi is now hoping to be adopted by a loving family in the UK

They continued their search but were unable to find her. The rescuers were left with these two babies who were now abandoned. They contacted Animal Friends of Turkey and we are delighted to say that both puppies are now happy in temporary foster homes in Fethiye.

Heidi is now heading to a new forever home in the UK.

Heidi shown here is only 12 weeks old (end of Feb 19) and unlike so many of the dogs we help she has known no real hardship or trauma in her short life apart from having to trek the streets while mum looked for food.

The rescue puppies mum seen here on the other side of the river before she ran off

Heidi is now going through the process of vaccinations and required tests in preparation for the trip to the UK this Summer.

She is likely to be ready to make that journey in June when she will be around six months old. She will be well used to living in a home with family and other dogs by then and will make an ideal pet for the right family.

Lovely rescue dog Heidi relaxing in a garden chair

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