Delightful Ava is just a dream to have around

Sweet litle Ava would never have survived had she not been rescued and plucked to safety into AFOT care. Today she is safe, secure and loved in her new home in Hertfordshire. Here is her original story …

Ava is one lucky lucky girl.

She was abandoned when just around 10 weeks old and left without a hope of surviving the harsh life of the streets.

She is lucky that she was found by a kindhearted couple who just could not leave her out there to fend for herself.

Ava is an absolute dream of a girl to have around

They spotted her all alone and pining for love and comfort while they were out for a walk.

Ava was obviously frightened when she was found and she approached them with head down and tail between her legs.

Ava is such a loving girl who loves her cuddles

Then at first soft stroke she rolled on her back and started to wag her tail.

Ava followed the couple for a long way until they reached a main road and it was then that they decided they could not leave her on her own and they took her in.

Ava is now safe living in an AFOT foster home

Ava was covered in fleas, had worms and was generally not in the best of conditions. The couple got her treated and started to feed her up.

However, they were not in a position to keep her and it was not long after this that AFOT was approached, and we were asked for our help.

Ava has such a lovely and sunny nature

Since then Ava has been living in an AFOT foster home and she has been living the dream off the streets.

Ava is now approaching eight months, as of late January 2022, and if her foster Mum and Dad could keep her permanently they would not hesitate for a second.

Ava loves her walks and is great on and off the lead

To say she is a complete delight just doesn’t cover, as she is simply stunning.

She is friendly with other dogs and very cat friendly as you can see. She enjoyed playing with the cats when she was a small pup and she has shown not the slightest bit of aggression as she has grown bigger.

Ava is both dog and cat friendly as you can see here

She is currently 10kg and though she is still growing she will only ever be a small to medium sized dog.

She is great both on and off the lead, she will offer you her paw and she is just a delight to have around.

She adores her walks and currently does a lot of treks with her foster parents.

Sweet Ava is going to melt somebody’s heart

Ava has such a lovely, sunny and loving nature and she will make someone the most adorable companion.

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