Gorgeous young rescue pup who struggled with life in the shelter

Beautiful Baris would have been left lame and homeless without the help of his rescuers. Today he is living a wonderful new life and fully fit and healthy in the UK. Here is his original story …

Beautiful Boy Baris was first spotted by an animal welfare volunteer after he turned up out of the blue at the shelter.

She could immediately see that Baris was a poor boy in need of help.

It was clear that he was suffering from an old injury on his back leg and it was obvious he was in pain.

Baris is a gorgeous and loving boy

She couldn’t leave him there and so she arranged to take him home and with the help of a friend they set up an appeal to raise the funds necessary to get his leg sorted.

They took him to a vet who felt he had a 50-50 chance of sorting the leg out, which they decided were odds worth taking for a puppy as young as Baris.

They got enough money togther and the operation was pronounced a total success when he came out.

Baris is happy now he is safe in his new home

Then came the problem as to what to do to help Baris longer term as it was clear that they could not just take him back to the shelter or dump him on the streets.

The volunteers came to us and we have been happy to help.

Baris, which means Peace in Turkish, is staying with the lady who helped him for a short while until a space becomes free within the AFOT foster care network over in Turkey.

Baris has fully recovered from the operation to fix his back leg

Three weeks after the operation and Baris is still not properly trying to weight bear on his repaired back leg.

This may be because he is still feeling the after effects of the operation or it may simply be that he is still remembering the pain that was once there.

He was only around six months old at the time of the operation and the hope still remains that he will make a full recovery.

He is receiving physiotherapy to help him build up the strength in his leg and we will watch his progress carefully over the coming weeks.

Baris has found that special person to offer him the happy home he deserves

Baris is a happy boy now he is away from the shelter and being cared for properly.

He is a playful pup and he is a very affectionate and loving boy.

He is house trained, great with other dogs and generally very sociable. He also has a golden and glossy look that is bound to turn heads.

Baris has a stunning coat and loving temperament

We believe he will be of medium build by the time he is fully grown and work is now starting to prepare him for his journey to the UK later this Summer. He will be just under a year-old when he is ready to travel.

We will continue with his rehabilitation in the meantime and all we need now is to find just the right home for him to go to in the UK.

Baris now has his chance of happiness in the UK

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