Lovely and lonely girl finds happiness

Meet Inga a beautiful black cross that Animal Friends of Turkey came across housed in a shelter in the Fethiye region of Turkey.

Animal shelters in Turkey vary greatly in the cleanliness and level of care each animal is able to receive.  This often no reflection on the volunteers who run them but more to do with the lack resources and staff to cope with the numbers.

The shelter that Inga found herself in is not a happy place.  This lovely girl had been in this shelter for a heartbreaking four years and six months.

She was dumped out on the streets shortly after she passed out of that early puppy phase.  Sadly this is so often the case over there.

Inga is an open and trusting young thing and she responds so gratefully to the smallest amount of affection she is shown.

We know she will make a wonderful loving companion and we are just so happy that she has now found a home where she will receive the love, care and patience she deserves.

Sweet Inga arrives at her new home in the UK after her epic journey Europe

Her story broke our hearts and so we at AFOT made it our mission to get her to the UK where she can have the chance of experiencing just how wonderful life can be within a home where she is loved and cherished.

We thought she deserved this and we so we went busily about trying to raise the funds to pay for her passport and transportation.


To take one look at this girl and you can imagine for a moment how she would be transformed in a new forever coat.

It is not hard to see that sad demeanour soon turn to happiness and that dull but lovely coat all clean and shiny.  What a picture she could be.


The great news is that we managed to get Inga out of the shelter and place her with a foster carer in Turkey where she will be until we manage to organise her transportation to the UK.

The even better news is we managed to find her an active retired couple in the North East of England who are prepared to give her the loving home she craves.


This couple already have a rescue Labrador from Turkey and so they know what to expect and they know the love and appreciation they will receive in return.