This big and lovable girl so deserves her change of luck and fortune

Maya quite simply owes her life to the wonderful army of supporters who give so generously to Animal Friends of Turkey.

Without their donations Maya would never have survived as it was because of that money that we have been able to give her the extended veterinary treatment she has needed.

As you will see here, Maya has had an unlucky life so far but she has come through it still young – just over a year-old – and still a loving and lovable giant of a girl.

Maya with AFOT supporter Tony Wilkins

She desperately needed a change of luck and there will be huge rewards for the fortunate person who steps forward to make a place in their heart and home for this treasure.

And we are delighted to say that someone has already come forward to give Maya the chance of happiness in a new loving home.

Many will already know the stories of little Nishe and Pointer-cross Meg who were rescued from a village near Cappadocia where they were being treated so cruelly by locals.

Nishe is now living a wonderful new life in the UK and Meg is getting closer to the day when she can join her.

However, these two were not alone in that village as rescued alongside them was our beautiful Maya.

While we were able to move the other two across to foster care in Fethiye, we had to make other arrangements for beautiful Maya.

When she was first checked over before travelling she was found to be suffering from distemper. This meant it was better for us to find a vet specialist in the treatment distemper over there who could care for her.

Maya is big, beautiful and very loving

This was back in October last year and Maya, a gorgeous Kangol-cross, was still a very young pup. We believe she turned one-years old around June of this year.

The cost of Maya’s treatment was enormous and we sent out an urgent appeal to our supporters for funds that would enable us to help her.

They did not let us down as they never do, and by the turn of the year we were delighted to get the all clear on that front.

Maya with AFOT supporters Tony and Kay Wilkins

It had been touch and go for Maya for such a long period and without the dedication of this vet and the wonderful support of the AFOT throng she would not have made it.

We were then able to bring her over to Fethiye but her previous condition meant that she had to remain in quarantine for some months in kennels.

It was while she was in kennels that she then contracted mange and became quite ill again.

We immediately moved her out of the kennels and funded another period of intense treatment within a veterinary practice in Fethiye.

We are delighted to say that she has now made a full recovered, and we have managed to find her a temporary and loving foster home for her while we go about the task of securing a new forever home for her.

She is big, gentle and a loving soul who has touched the hearts of all those who have had dealings with her.

She is definitely dog friendly but she has been successfully tested around children.

Beautiful Maya with AFOT supporter Tony Wilkins who has staged sponsored runs in aid of rescue dogs

We expect Maya to be ready to make her long awaited trip to the UK in October.

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