Little Bennie is a smiley loving boy now happy in his new home

Bennie is now living the life of Riley in a pooch paradise in Hertfordshire as this first photograph shows. What follows that is his original story:

Bennie on his first day in his new forever home in the UK

Little Bennie found himself unwanted at the tender age of just six weeks old.

Someone chose to go and dump him right outside the gates of the Koyeciz shelter.

Somebody there heard his whimpering and took him in only to find that he was in far from a good state.

Bennie is growing into such an affectionate young pup

We do not know what happened to his Mum but it was clear no-one had been properly looking after him.

Anyone who knows anything about shelters will know that they are not a place for young puppies. In fact they are positively dangerous places.

Bennie loves his home comforts in foster care

Bennie was far too young to get the protection of vaccinations and so he would have been openly exposed to the range of conditions and diseases that are prevalent in such places.

The shelter staff knew this but they had nowhere for him to go and so they reached out to Animal Friends of Turkey.

Bennie is always first to greet his foster carer first thing in the morning

We immediately recognised the peril that he was in so we arranged to quickly move him out of there and into the safety of one of our most experienced foster carers.

Since being in care he has developed into a very affectionate and loving small dog. He is brilliant with all dogs and is highly socialised.

Bennie is a definite people person

He is the first to greet his foster carer in the mornings and he has a tail that is constantly wagging.

He is not as bouncy or extrovert as some of the dogs but many will see this as a good thing.

Certainly his confidence is growing with every day and he is so grateful for the love and care he receives.

He should be ready to make his journey to the UK early in 2020 when he will be around 7-8 months old.

Bennie came to the UK immediately after the Covid-19 lockdown