Diamond boy Dennis is a dream to have around – ADOPTED

Dennis is one lucky boy and was only rescued because he just so happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Our volunteers had been alerted to the plight of four young pups that had been dumped near a busy highway and in danger of serious injury or worse.

Dennis thrived in AFOT foster care

They scoured the area and found them but just as they were leaving they came across Dennis.

He was in appalling condition, skin and bone and clearly down on his luck. He was suffering from mange and had lost most of his hair and he was shaking with fear.

Poor Dennis was in a desperate state when found

The volunteers could not leave him there in that condition so close to the traffic that was thundering by, and so they rescued him as well.

He was moved into an AFOT foster home along with the rescued pups and it is incredible the way he has responded.

He has put on weight and he has grown a fabulously thick shaggy coat, and he’s as happy as Larry.

Dennis is great on the lead and his recall is good

When he was ready for his UK home he weighed 40kg and was estimated to be around two years old.

His head is big and broad and he often sits making a happy sound, as if he is trying to tell you just how thrilled he is to be safe and loved. He eats so politely from his dish, he is excellent on the lead and his recall off the lead is good.

Dennis is as good as gold around the house

A proper gentleman he took to living in a home so well with his foster Mum, Brenda, and is as good as gold around the house.

He is such a friendly lad and it is clear that he just has an inherently sweet nature.

He is super dog friendly and he was often found licking the four pups he was saved with, as if he is saying thank you to them for helping to rescue him. It melted the heart to see.

It is quite rare for a dog who has obviously suffered so much to come around so quickly. He responded almost immediately to kindness and has shown a remarkable willingness to trust.

This gentle, loving and playful lad has made such a wonderful pet and companion now he’s found his Forever Family with Simon & Lizzy Skinner in Hale.

Dennis is looking great after a good brush at his new Forever Home.

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