Beautiful boy Shadow is full of life now he is safe and sound

Shadow is a beautiful girl who is now living the life of her dreams with a family in Scotland. She deserves nothing less. This is her original story …

Young pup Shadow was tossed away with some old unwanted furniture at the bottom of a dry river bed.

Fortunately he was spotted there by an animal welfare volunteer in the area cowering in the shadows under a sofa.

She couldn’t leave him there and so took the petrified young boy back home, cleaned him up and gave him a good feed.

Shadow is a happy young pup who is loving life in foster care

She then contacted us with an offer to keep him on foster if we could find just the right home for him.

This black Labrador-cross is a gorgeous boy who just loves life.

He is great with other dogs and gets on with the two cats he lives with even if he does occasionally like to chase them to get them to play.

He is an affectionate and loving boy who is great around people

He is under a year old and will probably be reaching his first birthday by the time he is ready to travel to the UK in early 2021.

Shadow is a proper puppy and still going through the chewing phase although that is being dealt with by giving him things he is allowed to gnaw on.

We have yet to child test but so far he has shown himself to be exceptionally people friendly.

Shadow just needs someone to give the TLC, excercise and time he needs

He is great around the house and always happy to eat at any time including the cat’s dinner if he can get at it.

He walks well on the lead and has seemed fine on the couple of car trips he has had so far.

He is a handsome young man with a glossy black coat and the most expressive deep brown eyes.

Shadow is great with cats and will soon tested with young children

He is of medium build with long legs and a sleek panther-like body, and a white diamond on his chest.

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