Bonnie is so happy after her lucky escape – Adopted

Bonnie was one of ten dogs rescued from a death camp by Animal Friends of Turkey.

Luckily for her we do not think she could have been there very long because apart from being petrified and traumatised she was fine. She had no health issues at all unlike the others we managed to get out of that hell hole.

Bonnie at the vet’s after her rescue from the death camp

The other lucky thing was also that she avoided becoming pregnant as she was not neutered despite being in a camp with a host of un-neutered males. Her life would have been miserable had she come into heat.

We are not sure how she ended up in that terrible place but it is now obvious that she had been living in a home with people before that.

Little Bonnie happy with some of her new friends in AFOT care

She is a really placid and calm little angel and she is great to have around the place.

She would happily take herself off to her bed or the sofa when she felt like it and she loves nothing better than to snuggle up to you on your lap.

Bonnie is a sweet and calm little angel

Bonnie is a small girl who weighs just 8-10kg and she gets on well with other dogs. She walks well on the lead and she so looks forward to going out to walk happily by your side.

Bonnie loves to curl up on your lap for snuggles

Bonnie was placed in foster care with Yvonne & Keith at our Halfway House Sanctuary and lived in the house with them. She was snapped up by Michelle & Andy Hagger who live in Catterick, North Yorkshire who she travelled to live with in May 2022. She now has a wonderful life being treated like the little princess she is.

Making herself thoroughly at home on Mum & Dad’s bed
Bonnie loves her trips in the car sat in her throne!

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