Loving Elijah has found his patient and loving home in the UK

Without being rescued Elijah after being struck by a car he would not be here today. Today he has fallen squarely on his feet in his new home in Hertfordshire. Here is his original story …

In many ways this young boy is very lucky to be alive.

Elijah was a street dog who somehow found his way on to one of the busiest and fastest roads in Fethiye – the main D400 to Dalaman.

It was no place for a dog to be and it was no surprise that he was struck by car.

He was found with awful injuries and in terrible pain by a kind Turkish couple who took pity on him.

Elijah is recovering well and growing in confidence each day

They managed to get him gently into their car and drove him to a vets in Fethiye.

As it happens it was the same vet that we at Animal Friends of Turkey use for the treatment and care of our own rescued dogs over there.

He was there in a treatment room when one of our AFOT committee members who also fosters for us happened by.

Elijah is still quite thin but he is putting on weight well now he is in care

She couldn’t walk away and she went back several times to monitor and check up on his progress.

When he first got into the vets he was in so much fear and so much pain that he yelped if anyone so much as went near his damaged leg.

He was skin and bone and clearly had not any food for some time.

Elijah is responding well after his operation

He had broken both his back legs, which after examination the vet concluded had been broken before.

He also has some fluid on his front elbow that has been treated and is strapped while it recovers.

He is now walking better and slowly regaining his strength. His recovery will go even quicker once his plaster and strapping has been removed.

The vets say he will be able to walk properly and fully once recovered although his back legs may appear slightly bent.

The question was what to do with him once he began his recovery.

Well it was obvious he could not go back out on the street so we decided to bring him into the AFOT programme.

He will now spend however long it may take for him to recover fully with one of our leading foster carers in Fethiye.

He is beginning to settle down there now although it took him a good week to begin to settle properly.

He is now coming out of himself and in fact the biggest problem with him now is in trying to curtail him from playing so happily and boisterously with the other dogs there.

Elijah to now a happy chappy now that he is getting some TLC

We are trying to ensure he gets at least a few hours of good rest a day at the moment to give his legs chance to heal properly.

These are early days but he is growing in confidence every day.

He can still be a little wary of strangers on first sight but he soon warms to them and he is now a happy little chappy.

Once his recovery moves on we will begin the work of preparing him for a new life in the UK.

We know there is a happy life waiting for this boy in the UK and there is no doubt whatsoever that he deserves one.

He is already starting to reward the kindness he is being shown with affection and it is clear that he is going to make a lovely pet for someone in the not too distant future.

Elijah will stay in foster care until he is fully recovered

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