Cute Pammy has found her lap to lay on – ADOPTED

Little Pammy has to be one of the cutest bundles of fluff you are ever likely to meet.

If you just glance at her you could be forgiven for thinking she is a very young pup but don’t let looks deceive you.

At just over a year old Pammy was already a Mum having given birth to two tiny pups when just 10 months old and still a pup herself. She was around 18 months old when she was ready to travel to the UK.

Pammy is a sweet girl who loves the sofa

Pammy was owned by a Turkish man who kept her until she had pups and it was then that they became too much trouble.

His solution was to take all three of them from their home and dump them next to a public rubbish skip.

There they stayed for the next few days until a kind lady who was taking her rubbish to the bin spotted them and took pity on them.

Pammy is great on the lead and loves water

They were not in a good condition and Pammy’s young pups were clearly struggling.

This was the time of big fires that swept through Turkey in the Summer and they were coming perilously close. People were already starting to leave their homes and abandon the area.

The lady couldn’t leave them there and so she took them before we were contacted at Animal Friends of Turkey for our help.

Pammy is cat friendly and mixes well

AFOT took all three in and as the pups got stronger, the time came to find the right home for their loving and brave Mum Pammy.

Pammy stayed with our foster Mum, Brenda. We found she mixed really well and she was the perfect little house guest. She is great on the lead and is very cat friendly. She loves playing in water so we wonder whether there might be some trace of Labrador or Retriever in her make up.

Pammy getting a cuddle from AFOT Chair Carol Holbrook

A small girl weighing in around 12-13kg, we didn’t expect her to grow much more.

She is friendly, very loving and adores the chance to climb up on to your lap and it wasn’t too long until we found someone with the perfect lap.

Pammy will make a great companion

Pammy was adopted by The Vinalls in Banbury and arrived in May 2022 to an amazing welcome and soon settled in.

Pammy’s welcome to her loving UK forever home

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