Funny girl Myla is waiting for her forever home in the UK

Myla – or Skye as she is now called – is one of five pups rescued from a life of hell and persecution. Today she is living the life of her dreams with a family near Blackburn. Here is her original story:

Myla is a bright girl who just knows how to fit in.

She is one of the five pups rescued with her Mum from bullying villagers in a remote town in Eastern Turkey.

Now Myla is in foster care and loving the life she now has while she waits for her chance of a permanent home.

She is still fairly small but along with her siblings she will grow into a big girl.

Myla is a very sociable girl who gets on with both dogs and cats

She will be approaching a year old by the time she is ready to make the journey over to the UK.

She is as bright as a button and so should be very receptive to training.

She loves her food and most of all she loves her cuddles. She is very much a people pup.

Myla is a people pup and loves her cuddles

She is staying in foster care with an array of other dogs and cats and she gets along with them all famously.

We will attempt to test her with children but we see nothing at the moment that makes us suppose there will be a problem there.

Myla is a small pup now but she will grow to be a big girl

The five were found in terrible straits with their brave mother Ava who was doing everything she could to protect them.

Dogs in the East Turkish town where they were found are often snatched and dumped high up in the mountains where they have next to no chance of surviving.

Others are stoned and persecuted and it is not uncommon to find dogs who have been poisoned.

Myla is an easy going girl happy to be safe from harm

She contacted us and within days we had all six of them transported out of there and brought the 700-kilometres west to go into our foster care network in Fethiye.

Myla and family were all found starving and in poor condition when they were found.

Happily he, her Mum and her siblings are now all now doing really well being cared for in their new homes.

Myla gets on with all the other dogs and cats in care

We are now trying to find homes for all five pups and Mum and we do not think we will have too much trouble because they are adorable.

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Myla just needs to find the forever home that’s right for her