Bonny Bruno the lovable boy who just loves a cuppa

Sweet Bruno is a real rarity for Animal Friends of Turkey.

Firstly Bruno is already in the UK awaiting his new forever home and secondly he is one of the few that turned out to be a failed rehoming.. Thankfully, things turned out well for him in the end as his foster family fell in love with him, couldn’t bare to be parted from him and decided to rehome him after all.

Bruno is such a cute and loving boy

A domestic crisis at Christmastime 2021 meant that unfortunately Bruno – through absolutely no fault of his whatsoever – became a victim of it and the family who had rehomed him sadly had to surrender him.

AFOT pledges a life long commintment to all our dogs and so we stepped in quickly to take Bruno into our UK foster care network where he settled quickly.

Bruno is a darling of a dog who had really only ever known life inside the shelter when we first took him in as a rescue.

Bruno is a great companion to have a around

This charming boy was taken to the Haydos shelter in Fethiye with severe leg injuries when just a pup after he was involved in a car accident.

The vet examined him and decided that the leg was irreparable and so he immediately amputated it.

After more than two years ago Bruno was still there.

Bruno is a lovely and loving boy who deserves a new life

It was then that the darling Bruno and his sad story came to the attention of Animal Friends of Turkey and we were determined to transform his sad life by giving him his very own happy ever after.

Bruno gets along fine on three legs and nothing holds him back

Bruno was more than ready to live a long and happy life in someone’s home far far away from the shelter.

Bruno (far right) sheltering from a brief storm with some of the other dogs in foster

Here is what his foster carer had to say about him after four months of living with her:

“I’ve fostered Bruno for 4 months and first of all one thing I’d like to make clear, Bruno has 3 legs, but Bruno can never be described as disabled. He loves to run, play ball and do zoomies.

“He’s a funny intelligent little dog who is happy playing with his toys but most of all he’s a cuddler. He spends hours lying in the warmest, sunniest spot or in front of the stove.

“He’s great in the house and sleeps peacefully through the night. He likes routine. Most of all he just wants a special human for him to love. Someone he can trust. He’s sociable with people and children who are dog savvy.

“He has a fear/anxiety of some dogs and this is when his human needs to make him feel safe when out walking. His recall is excellent if he’s feeling relaxed…but can get sidetracked as you can see ! Chicken/sausage treats help with this.

“I’ve walked him with many other dogs, as long as the proper introductions are made he stays calm and happy, but when fear sets in he will display fear aggression, he much prefers humans,” she said.

Bruno has already been nicknamed him “Tea” as he absolutely adores a cuppa.

Bruno gets his eye on a breakfast mug of tea

We believe Bruno deserved to have his dream come true and we are happy that his foster family have given him this chance and realised that he really is already a part of their loving family.

Despite the loss of his leg Bruno gets around really well and we suspect he doesn’t really realise that he is not the same as all the other dogs.

Bruno is in a home he can call his own

If you feel you could be that special someone who can give one of our dogs the loving care they need then please check out what’s involved in taking on one of our rescue dogs then please click this link to read our Dog Adoption Policy guidelines

A home check is always made and while there is no adoption fee required, we do ask for a donation with all our dogs to help towards our costs.

Bruno enjoying time in the garden