Two gentle brothers find their safe haven in the UK

Darling brothers Buzz and Jerry are totally inseparable as you can see from these lovely photographs.

And now Animal Friends of Turkey is desperately hoping to help these two as they are in desperate need finding a quiet home filled with love and patience in the UK.

Jerry and Buzz were born feral on a holiday complex and have had a hard time surviving over the years.

The comfort they get from being with each other and the extraordinary lengths they go to in order to always be together is so wonderful to see,

They are very, very wary as over the years not everyone has been kind to them.

They have suffered threats and abuse which has made them unable to trust.

However, we know that if we were able to home them with the right people they would soon get to learn that trust and would reward it with affection in return. They must be rehomed together.

Jerry is the ginger and he is nine while Buzz is the younger of the two aged six. They have both been chipped and neutered and can travel after February 2019.

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We know from experience that semi-feral cats can make the best pets with the right owner and lots of love and care.

They have not always had easy lives so far and deserve a contented and secure future with all the love in the world, which they will repay a thousand times over.

If you are at all interested in adopting any of our cats and giving them the chance of happiness then please first check out our Adoption Policies by clicking here

We always request an Adoption donation and a home check applies to all animals as part of rehoming.  Because of the special nature of this pair we are likely to request a reduced donation if the right home could be found.

If you then feel you could be that special someone then please complete our Adoption application form by clicking here