Teaming up to rescue a beautiful abandoned boy

Meet Nokta – a beautiful energetic pure breed Pointer who became one of the first dogs to be rescued and rehomed Animal Friends of Turkey – with the help of another rescue agency.

Nokta was a street dog struggling to survive living on the beach in Calis.

Fortunately he was spotted by a kind hearted lady who offered him a lifeline.

She gave him temporary care whilst she looked for a more permanent home for him.

Eventually she found what she thought was the perfect home for him at one of the local riding stables.

What a great life Nokta had, you can tell he loved it, look at his happy face above ….. he was so happy running with the wind .

The story we are told is that he started to chase sheep and so the owners of the stables made a decision.

Despite being offered lots of advice, Nokta had to go ….. they took him to the local shelter and dumped him.

When we heard his story we knew we had to help, we got him out of the local shelter into foster care and into safety.

nokta 500
Nokta will soon know happiness again

Varoius pointer rescues were contacted in the UK to ask for help with rehoming Nokta.

Breed rescues are always the way forward with pure bred dogs.

They have waiting lists of people who specifically want this type of breed and of course they do all the necessary checks and find the perfect home.

Just one of the animals to helped by AFOT

One offered help to Nokta – Pointer Rescues Service – a long standing rescue charity.

They not only offered to find him the right home but have contributed substantially to his transport. We are so grateful to this wonderful rescue.

Nokta will be travelling to his new home that PRS have chosen just in time for Christmas and we are very much looking forward to following his story.