Loving rescue pup Carlie just loves life now she is safe

There could not be a bigger contrast between the hell that Carlie was born into and the heaven she has now found herself with her new family in West Yorkshire. This is her original story …

Carlie is another of the pups who came into the world as one of a litter of nine born in one of the most inhospitable areas of Turkey.

She was born in a place called Nidge which is notorious for the cruelty the residents there show to dogs born to the streets.

Her mother Lady and all nine puppies were rescued and taken away from there by animal welfare volunteers.

They managed to find homes for all but four of the pups and Carlie is one of those.

Carlie is a loving girl and will make a great family dog

It was then that Animal Friends of Turkey agreed to step in to help find Carlie and her three homeless siblings a safe, loving home of their own in the UK.

The pups are all of the Kangol-cross variety with the most dominant character trait of this famous Turkish shepherd dog breed being loyalty and devotion.

Like her siblings she shows the early signs of having this very same characteristic herself.

Carlie getting some chill time out of the sun

Pure bred Kangols grow into big dogs but this will not be the case for Carlie who is currently on the small side and short legged. We believe she is likely to grow into a small or slightly medium size when fully grown.

Carlie is a lovely natured dog with a very relaxed and calm temperament.

She will make an ideal family dog as she mixes well. She can stand back sometimes as she is so relaxed but she is a lovely dog.

Carlie is great around other dogs and gets on with all her housemates in foster care. She is also cat friendly.

Carlie is a playful girl who loves her fuss

She is bright and clearly loves to learn and will be ripe for training, which is something she will need when she arrives with her new family in the UK.

She is currently six months old and she is now beginning the work to prepare her for her journey to the UK later this Summer. She will be approaching a year-old when she travels but will still be very much a puppy.

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