Young Tilly is set for a new life of happiness in the UK (Reserved)

Take one look at young abandoned pup Tilly and your heart will just melt.

Tilly turned up out of the blue last October on the streets around Ovacik.

It was fairly obvious to all those who saw her that she was not a seasoned street dog and there is enough evidence to suggest that she had been previously owned by someone.

It seems that that someone did not want her anymore and simply chose to abandon her.

Tilly is adorable young pup in need of a new home

We believe Tilly is around 15 to 18 months old so is still a pup in so many ways.

Fortunately a kind man took pity on her and began feeding her. He feels sure she was previously owned as she took to going on the lead so easily.

He began feeding her biscuits and treats and soon began to show more confidence and trust in him. She took her food from his hand so gently.

Her confidence grew and she happily allowed him to bathe her, brush her down and clean her up.

He contacted the nearby dog rescue charity Animal Aid Ovacik who Animal Friends of Turkey have a good and active relationship with.

Rescued puppy hoping to be rehomed with a family in the UK
Abandoned pup Tilly would make a lovable addition to any family

They found a foster home for her around six weeks ago but it now transpires that this can only be a temporary arrangement. The fear is that she could finish up back on the streets.

Animal Aid Ovacik approached us to ask whether AFOT could step in to help with her transportation costs and help in finding her a new forever home in the UK.

We were happy to do so and we are even more delighted to say that someone stepped forward with an offer of a home. We are now processing this adoption.

One trait that has been observed with Tilly is that she has a habit of chasing chickens. This may well have been part of the reason why she was abandoned.

It is also a reason why it would be unsuitable for her to be allowed back on to the streets on her own.

Tilly is a small and cute dog and we know she would respond well to new owners who would be prepared to give her the time, love, care and patience she deserves.

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